About the product:
Green papaya is unripe papaya with a firm, pale and green flesh. It could be used raw or cooked and can be rendered into pickles, shredded up into salads, juices and many more dishes. Unripe papaya retains all its natural enzymes and has a lot more active enzymes than its ripe version. These power-packed enzymes of raw papaya help to breakdown protein, fats and carbohydrates.

Store it in a plastic bag and refrigerate it. Nutritional Facts:
Papaya contains folate, vitamin C, E and A.

Papaya is a great internal cleanser and helps anyone with chronic constipation, acidity, piles etc. It’s a power house of nutrients. Eating raw papaya daily helps with skin conditions like acne, blemishes and pigmentation.

Country of origin: Ghana/ India

Raw Papaya 500g

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