About the product:
Matoke is a starchy variety of banana belonging to the family of bananas known as the East African Highland bananas. They are a staple food crop in Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania and other Great Lakes countries. Makes are shorter than ordinary bananas. They appear to be thick at the midsection due to their shorter-than-average length. The peel is green in colour when they're unripe, which is the state in which they are most commonly used. The flesh is particularly hard due to the high starch content. It is necessary to cook the matoke very well prior to consumption. The most common methods of cooking matoke are boiling, steaming, or roasting. Once they are cooked, the flesh turns yellow and should soften to about the same consistency as potatoes. They will, however, still hold their form. If green matoke are left for too long, they will ripen as ordinary bananas would. When ripe, they are very sweet and can be eaten as normal fruit.

Matoke bananas will retain their freshness for a few days when stored in room

origin uganda

Matoke Banana 500g

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