About the product:
These are obtained from Banana plants. It has a bright to dark green colour and is really large and wide in shape. It is widely used in Asia and is considered very auspicious in India. They serve various purposes like a plate for serving food, to perform rituals, decoration and much more. Serving in banana leaves not just provide a unique flavour but also increase the nutritional quality of the food. Banana leaves are also used as a wrapper for various steamed, fried or grilled dishes.

Banana leaves could be wrapped in newspapers and store in a cool and dry place or it could be refrigerated in zip-lock bags. However, they are best to be used fresh.

Banana leaves have vitamins which are absorbed when food is served hot in them and makes food healthier. Also, various dishes prepared in banana leaves like variety grills have an elevated taste due to the distinct properties of banana leaves.

Country of origin: India

Banana leaves 3pcs

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